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Liam Currie and Vicki Chord score on debut

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

New Division 3 Women's teams start with a win and a draw

Hayden Foy scores 4 in Prem 3, 6-4 victory

Netesh Sukha scores a double in thrilling match against Southern

Symmetrical weekend 5 wins, 5 draws and 5 (all bonus point) losses - every team came away with something

Liam Currie scores winner on debut for D2 Yellow


Prem 1: 1-1 v ECB (Madeleine Fleming)

Prem 2 1-1 v Mahurangi (Holly Chivers)

Prem 3: 1-1 v ECB White, (Hannah Patterson)

Division 1: 0-1 v NSU Red

Division 2: 0-1 v ECB

Division 3 Yellow: 1-1 v Takapuna Black (Vicki Chord)

Division 3 Black: 1-0 v HDF (Naomi Gray)

Technical win for D2 Women


Prem 1: Saturday 3-4 v Southern (Netesh Sukha (2), Isaac Houlbrooke)

Prem 2: Sunday 4-1 v North Harbour Indians (Nick Sparg, Raniera Harris (2), Nohan Hensman)

Prem 3: Saturday 6-4 v HDF (Hayden Foy (4), Xavier Bradshaw, Dylan Beattie)

Division 1 Yellow: 3-3 v NSU (Garry Bishop, Bayden Ah-Sam, Craig Wallis)

Division 1 Black: 2-1 v Takapuna Green, (James Ferris, Campbell Brown)

Division 2 Black: 1-2 v Takapuna Black, (Andrew Thomson)

Division 2 Yellow: 1-0 v ECB (Liam Currie)

Division 2 Maroon: 1-2 v HDF White (Graham Wessels)

Action shots from D2 Yellow - John Sellar protecting the ball being watched by Dwayne Carroll, Alex Sim poised to tackle, Liam Currie scoring on debut, Dan MacDonald having a two minute rest!, the teams shaking hands at the end of a keenly contested game


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