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Midday titanic battle won by Yellow

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

In the last three years ABC has introduced three new teams into Division 3. The newest of these Maroon had their first game ending up with an honourable defeat against the most experienced of these, Yellow. Altogether 12 debutants in this match


Prems 6-0 v East Coast Bays, Casey Crowley (2), Olivia Shannon (2), Kirsten Pearce, Kelsey Lomas

Prem 2 1-0 v East Coast Bays, Jess Hardy

Prem 3 5-1 v Northcote, / Glenfield, Alice Cheeseman, Megan Gibbs, Hannah Adolph, Nadia Clews, Hannah Patterson

D1 2-0 v Hibiscus Dairy Flat, White Rose Bryce, Sian Irvine

D2 2-3 v East Coast Bays, Angela Chivers, Rina Transom

D3 Yellow 4-1 v ABC Maroon, Sam Sinclair (2), Anita Tunnicliffe, Sulette Franzoso

D3 Black 2-1 v NSU White, Lily Gray, Ava Cagney Potts

D3 Maroon 1-4 v ABC Yellow, Eva Crossman


Prems 2-5 v Takapuna, Taimana Iversen, Netesh Sukha

Prem 2 4-3 v HDF, Taine Kearney (2), Brodie Harrison, Xavier Bradshaw

Prem 3 2-2 v HDF, Reece Gilden

D1 Yellow 3-0 v ECB Black, Liam Corrigan-McKay, Bayden Ah-Sam, Bradley Bycroft

D1 Black 0-0 v NSU

D2 Yellow 1-1 v NHI Poppadoms, Matt Thomson

D2 Black 5-2 v ABC Maroon (William D'Souza (2), Graham Wessels, Graham Thomson, Jack Woods)

D2 Maroon 2-5 v ABC Black (Rhys Johns, Ethan Lewis)


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