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Shannon scores 4

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Our less famous Shannon scores 4 for ABC Division 3 Black. Meanwhile Olivia Shannon's team moves to the top of the Prem Women's table with 5-1 win against ECB Black


Division 2 - Briar Petrie and Rina Transom

Prems Win 5-1 v ECB (Kelsey Lomas, Mischa Tatley, Anna Crowley, Casey Crowley (2))

Prem 3 Draw 0-0

Div 1 Draw 2-2 v ECB (Freya Kearney. Sune Tschirpig)

Div 2 Win 1-0 v Takapuna (Carey Wessels)

Div 3 Yellow Win 5-1 v NSU White (Shannon Fraser (4), Karen Croft)

Div 3 Black Loss 1-3 v Northcote Glenfield (Caitllin Craigie)


Prems Draw 2-2 v NSU (Netesh Sukha, Isaac Houlbrooke)

Prem 2 Loss 0-1 v HDF Prem 3 Loss 1-2 v NSU Blue (Hayden Foy)

Div 1 Yellow Win 4-1 v ECB Black (Bayden Ah-Sam, Eddie Biss, Garry Bishop, Andy Worrall)

Div 1 Black Loss 1-3 v Warkworth

Div 2 Yellow Win 2-0 v NHI Indians (Ethan Lewis (2))

Div 2 Black Loss 1-2 v NHI Poppadoms (Matthew Thomson)

D2 Men in black in yellow

(Back row) George Diedriks, Matt Thomson, Andrew Thomson, Graham Wessels, Tom Maker, Mike Iddon, Kevin Nolan, John Brocklebank (Front row) Dan Johnson,Richard VanDerDegte, Andrew Holt, Rob K


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