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Setting out on their ABC Pathway

Felix and Henry Blanchard

Felix and Henry are in their 2nd winter of ABC Club hockey - started out in D2 Yellow coached by Neil Ulrich, John Bonneywell, John Sellar and Tobin Blathwayt; and this year are enjoying being part of D1 Yellow mentored by MD, Vauts, Sharky and other experienced players. The D1 squads train with GB and DJ and the P3 players, where they get stretched and accelerate their development. For further information see the ABC Player Pathway.

Henry received the MIP cup last year for D2 Yellow and Felix was part of the North Harbour U15 team that won the northern region tournament. Henry was in the 2018 North Harbour Hatch team and Felix was in the 2017 North Harbour McGrath team.

Both have been playing since primary school (Stanley Bay), benefitting from playing at that young age with the likes of ABC players, Alex Rendle, Ben Ryan, Eddy Chambers, Josh Porter-Day, Thomas Wallace and Taine Kearney amongst others. Now at TGS they are playing in their second season for the 1st XI, and are coached by ABC Prem captain, Netesh Sukha.

Outside of hockey both are keen sportsmen and can be seen on the football field in winter and the cricket field in summer.


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