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Let the games begin! Again...

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Hockey to re-start this weekend 26th September

Welcome back, AGAIN, to the 2020 season. Most grades are playing a four week Finals format to try to end the season on a high.

Please read below information so you know what is required for the next few weeks...

All draws and results will be published weekly on the Harbour Hockey website for the rest of the season. They may change due to the current/future COVID requirements, and the results of each match.

For ABC fixtures and results please follow this link

For further information please visit the Harbour website

Competition Formats:

SHOOT-OUTS: All 8 Team grades + D3 W Top 8, D2 Men Top 8 & Bot 5 all require results. This means if games are drawn at full-time matches must proceed into shoot-outs. Please make sure you have decided who will do the shootout prior to the game as the shootout will need to start immediately so that matches do not overrun their time slots. 

COVID-19 Conditions of Entry:

  • The facility has been split into six zones to meet social gathering numbers of 100. . - Each Zone has its own entry/exit point

  • Hockey games return this weekend with a four-week Finals format to hopefully have our ABC teams ending the 2020 season on a high...s to your zone.

  • Arrival/Departure Time: Teams are to wait outside of the zones (applying social distancing measures). - Teams will only gain entry 25 minutes prior to the start of their match. This allows 5 mins for people to complete the entry requirements and allows for 20 mins warm up time.

  • NB: Changing rooms are NOT available for teams to use please ensure you come dressed and ready to play, team talks and showers cannot take place in changing rooms during level 2. As an alternative a team talk could take place within the 20 min warm up time at one end of the turf or offsite prior to your match.

  • Teams must leave within 10 minutes post the match, during this time team representatives are to complete dugout sanitising requirements and clear the area. There will then be a 15min stand down period before the next team can enter the turf zone

Clubhouse Information under Level 2

Come and support your local, have an after match drink or meal at the Clubhouse this weekend please see below a few things you will need to know before you come:

  • The attached map will outline entry and exit points to the Clubhouse.

  • Opening hours are limited during level 2 – we understand we are unable to service all games however have done our very best to cover as many matches as we can.

    • Saturday - 10.45am-7.00pm. 

    • Sunday - 1.00pm-9.00pm

  • Please note that the Clubhouse is ONLY open to welcome your teams pre or post matches this is not a spectator zone; we are asking that the Clubhouse space is only used by those either purchasing takeaways, or dining in. Spectator space is unavailable during Level 2.

NO Spectators for 26th/27th September

  • Unfortunately there are No Spectators allowed onsite for Club Matches under Level 2 gatherings of 100 in week one as NHHA test the systems and processes.

  • They will look to review this for the following weekend

  • Speak to your Manager re: team allocations for dependant children if you need this


  • NHHA will do their best to appoint to all games however due to the unique situation and accommodating COVID restrictions clubs will need to be prepared to provide club appointed umpires.  Please be respectful to all umpires but especially those club appointed umpires who will be doing their best in a role they may not be familiar with.

  • Due to the new competition format Harbour are now playing out an exciting 4 weeks final format finish to this season, and with this comes the possibility of any drawn matches going to shoot-outs. Teams may need to assist umpires with shoot-out procedures.   


  • PICK-UP: Scorecards will be left in the middle dugout (umpires dugout). 

  • COMPLETION: As normal both teams are to complete scorecards, please make sure captains, managers or coaches are signing the scorecard AFTER the match to confirm the end result.

  • DROP-OFF: there will be a container in the middle dugout to drop off completed scorecards. 

  • Please make sure that everyone who is attending the game PLAYERS and COACHES/MANAGERS are named on the card. The scorecard is also a form of tracking attendance for NHHA.

  • Shoot-out scorecards can also be found in the dugout.    

Please read attached files for more detailed information and maps...

Looking forward to all the games this weekend!

Senior Competition Condition of Entry 22
Download • 316KB
Club House Level 2
Download PDF • 727KB



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