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Glenn Gilbert scores!

An enjoyable morning with honours even among the three Division 2 teams who each played two quarters against each other.

D2 players on Easter weekend; Luke Patterson moving down the right flank; Nathan Sinclair on the run

Glenn Gilbert celebrates his goal; John Sellar And Noel Hensman battle in midfield; Richard VanDerVegte takes the ball out of defense

Debutant Brook Thomas in battle with former school mate Alex Blair; Dominic Holt and Josh Duley fight for the ball; Tirstan Rudden looking on after a year out

Highlights included debut for Brook Thomas in Yellow; a return after a year injured from Tristan Rudden; Andrew Holt taking out son Dominic in a diving tackle; and a Jack Bonneywell assist leading to a John Bonneywell goal.

Thanks to Danny Wrigley for opening Columbus Cafe for post match caffeine; to Robyn Holt for the photos; and to Richard VanDerVegte for organising.


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