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Prem 2 teams score 12 between them

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Hayden Foy and Graham Wessels score hattricks for P3 and D2 Black respectively - Jacob Birks scores on debut for D1 Black

A mixed weekend for the Wessels with Carey winning Duck of the Day while husband Graham scored three; Ngaio Merrick well deserved Player of the Day for Division 2


Premier 2 v ECB 7-0 (Rani Harris (2), Nick Sparg, Nick White, Hayden Foy, David Kay, Gerard Tan)

Premier 3 v NH Indians 4-0 (Hayden Foy (3), Toby Jennings)

Division 1 Yellow Sunday v Warkworth 0-3

Division 1 Black v NSU 3-2 (Luke Swanson, Anuj Patel, Jacob Birks)

Division 2 Maroon v ECB 1-3 (Ronell Hensmann)

Division 2 Black v Glenfield Old Boys 4-1 (William D'Souza, Graham Wessels (3))

Jacob Birks scores on Division 1 debut

Division 2 Black


Premier 2 v HDF Maroon 5-0 (Charlie Wills, Izzy Gaze, Jess Thwaites-Hardy, Caitlin Wilson (2))

Premier 3 v NSU 1-1 (Keeley Stoehr)

Division 1 v Warkworth 2-0 (Marion Robinson (2))

Division 2 v Mahurangi 1-0 (Angela Chivers)

Division 3 Yellow v ECB 0-1

Division 3 Black v NSU Red 0-3

Premier 2

Premier 3

Division 1

Division 2


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