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Yellow win Division 2 derby

The club proudly sporting the new kit with sponsor (ICT's) logo prominently featured

Yellow (in Yellow) and Maroon (confusingly in Black) after the match


Prem Win 4-1 v Western

Prem 2 Win 3-0 v Mahurangi (Jess Thwaites-Hardy, Angela O'Callaghan, Kathy Giles)

Prem 3 Draw 1-1 v ECB White

D1 Loss 1-2 v HDF White (Laura Arthur)

D2 Win 2-1 v ECB (Laura Arthur, Mathilda Sales)

D3 Yellow Win 3-0 v NSU Purple (Vicki Chord, Sulette Franzoso, Shannon Scown)

D3 Black Loss 0-3 v NSU Black


Prem Draw 0-0 v Takapuna

Prem 2 Loss 0-2 v Takapuna

Prem 3 Loss 3-5 v HDF (Hayden Foy, Toby Jennings, Garry Bishop)

D1 Yellow Draw 1-1 v ECB White

D1 Black Loss 0-3 v Takapuna Black

D2 Yellow Win 1-0 v ABC Maroon (Jacob Birks)

D2 Black Win 2-0 v HDF Maroon (William D'Souza, Graham Wessels)

D2 Maroon Loss 0-1 v ABC Yellow

From left to right: John Sellar (Y), Luke Patterson (Y), Derrec Grant (M), James West (GK Y), Nathan Sinclair (M), Ollie Dellabarca (Y), Dhiren Keshaw (M), Callum Easterbrook (Y), Glenn Gilbert (M), Dwayne Carroll (Y), Ethan Lewis (M), Jon Sim (Y), Jonathan Barnes (Y)


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