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Website testing and development phase exceeds all expectations!

Just as New Zealand went into lock-down (for the first time!), we started to develop a new ABC club website that reflected just how far the club has come since its launch in 1989.

From the beginning, we wanted the site to be visually stimulating, highly informative and fully interactive for the needs of the broad demographic that is ABC.

For the last 30 days, we have been busy testing, gathering usage data and refining the site ready to launch it to our members, external business community and the media.

We are all proud of what we have achieved. And this week the club's Commercial & Comms team (all volunteers) were thrilled to see the first set of results and initial take-up figures from a focus group of members and invited business contacts.

Google Analytics has shown us that the website is now firmly 'front and centre' of our communications strategy with 1,412 Unique Users (increasing daily!) already using the site at all times of the day. Between them, they have made over 3K+ site visits and 2K+ post views.

The results also tell us that the site is appealing to all the club's age groups (18-65+), and is currently showing steady growth alongside our social channels of Facebook (419 followers), and Instagram (with 605).

With this level of engagement, we know that both our wider club audience and broadest amount of members are being kept up-to-date with club activities and essential announcements, regardless of age, device or app!

Interestingly, the most significant group users of the site during this period are from the 25-34 year age group, closely followed by the 18-24 group. And it seems the women's section has been viewing the most during this time, accounting for 63.9% of our audience so far.

'The Hive' our home page or news page contains a wide variety of engaging news stories, match reports and features on player performances and club achievements and is the most re-visited page on the site.

With 79.53% of our audience viewing on a mobile device, we have now launched a mobile-friendly version of the site which went 'live' this week and feedback from users has been very positive.

We are now hoping to complete the testing and to formally launch the site to all our club audiences in the next few weeks.


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