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Siblings battle in tight local derby

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

There were two local derbies this weekend. On Saturday Division 2 Black with Richard VanDerVegte and Andrew Holt defeated Maroon and then the following day Benjamin Holt and Leo VanDerVegte came on top against brothers Dominic and Vincent in the long-anticipated Division 1 battle.

Continuing the family theme Ronell and Nohan Hensman got on the scoresheet as well as Oscar Worrall and Bayden Ah-Sam scored with Dads Andrew and DA playing.


Prem Loss 0-2 v HDF

Prem 2 Win 7-1 v ECB (Rani Harris (2), Nohan Hensman, Jayson Patel, Nick White, Nick Sparg (2))

Prem 3 Win 4-0 v NH Indians (Hayden Foy (2), Xavier Bradshaw, Andrew Carter-Bell)

Division 1 Yellow Win 2-1 v ABC Black (Oscar Worrall, Bayden Ah-Sam)

Division 1 Black Loss 1-2 v ABC Yellow (Mark Taylor)

Division 2 Yellow Draw 0-0 v NSU Red

Division 2 Maroon Loss 3-4 v ABC Black (Ronell Hensman, Finbar Hoyte, Derrec Grant)

Division 2 Black Win 4-3 v ABC Maroon (Graham Wessels, William D'Souza, Tristan Rudden (2))


Prem Win 1-0 v HDF (Tonya Botherway)

Prem 2 Draw 1-1 v NSU (Kate Pilot)

Prem 3 Draw 0-0 v HDF

Div 1 Draw 1-1 v NSU Blue (Sarah Wadman)

Div 2 Loss 1-2 v NSU (Rina Transom)

Div 3 Yellow Win 4-0 v NSU Blue (Shannon Scown (2), Vicki Chord, Cate Walsh)

Div 3 Black Loss 0-5 v ECB Black


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