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Prem Women score six

Results from the last round of matches played over two weekends


Prem Win 6-0 v University (Teegan Hager, Mrijke McGoon, Madeline Fleming,(2), Tonya Botherway (2))

Prem 3 Draw 1-1 v ECB Black (Hannah Patterson)

Division 1 Loss 2-1 v Takapuna Black (Kaitlyn Horan) Division 2 Draw 2-2 v Northcote - Glenfield (Rosie Bryce, Laura Arthur)

Division 3 Yellow Win 2-0 v Northcote-Glenfield (Shannon Scown, Saijel Prema)

Division 3 Black Loss 2-0 v NSU Purple


Prem 3 Loss 0-4 v Takapuna

Division 1 Yellow Draw 1-1 v NSU (Mark Dempster)

Division 1 Black Win 3-2 v Takapuna Green (Tayler Read, Tristan Hutchinson, John Bonneywell)

Division 2 Yellow Win 3-1 v Takapuna Black (Ethan Lewis (2), John Bonneywell)

Division 2 Maroon Win 4-1 v NHI Tigers (Ethan Lewis (3), Finbar Hoyte)

Division 2 Black Loss 0-2 v NSU Blue


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