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Prem 3 Men top table

Updated: Apr 26, 2021


Prem 2 0-1 v NSU

Prem 3 2-2 v Mahurangi (Kate Gibson, Keeley Stoehr)

Div 1 0-2 v Takapuna Green

Div 2 2-0 v Takapuna (Angela Chivers, Natalie Bullent)

Prem 3

Division 2

Winners are grinners


Prem 3 7-1 v NSU Blue (Dylan Beattie (2), Toby Jennings (2), Hayden Foy, Xavier Bradshaw, RIcardo Lewis)

Div 1 Black 2-0 v ECB Black (Anuj Patel (2))

Div 2 Yellow 0-3 v ABC Maroon

Div 2 Maroon 3-0 v ABC Yellow (Ronell Hensman (2), Glenn Gilbert)

Div 2 Black 3-1 v HDF Maroon (Rob Kennedy, Graham Wessels, George Diedericks)

Prem 3

Ricardo Lewis puts away a penalty stroke, Tim Dean takes evasive action, Will Clarke considers options

Division 1 Black

Attacking PC with Campbell Brown trapping, Anuj Patel drag flick and injector John Bonneywell looking for the rebound

Division 2 Maroon v Yellow

Division 2 Black

Andrew Holt in a rare appearance without pads, Peter Fltzsimons tackling, Dan Johnson hunting the ball


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