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Great weekend for ABC as women teams go from strength to strength

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

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Women's Prem 1-3 teams all near top of the table

Tiger Turf edge nine goal thriller creating a log jam behind Yellow the top of D1 who stretch their lead

D2 Women unbeaten streak extends to five games

D2 Men Maroon score seven with Graham Wessels (top scorer in the club this season perhaps?) netting four and Anuj Patel scoring three


Prem 1-7 v HDF (Scorer to follow)

Prem 2 2-3 v Takapuna (Scorers to follow)

Prem 3 4-1 v NHI (Hamish Kendall, Tom Roycroft, Will Clarke, Dylan Beattie)

D1 Tiger Turf 5-4 v Warkworth (Nick Sparg, James Ferris (4))

D1 Yellow 4-0 v HDF (Scoreres to follow)

D2 Yellow 0-2 v NHI Poppadoms

D2 Black 7-1 v Glenfield Old Boys (Graham Wessels (4), Anuj Patel (3))

D2 Maroon 0-1 v HDF


Prem 4-2 6pm v HDF (Scorers to follow)

Prem 2 3-0 v ECB (Madi Wright, Angela Tyrell, Kate Pilot)

Prem 3 4-1 v Mahurangi (Madi Wright, Katelin Scott, Ireland Russell, Kate Gibson)

D1 2-2 v NSU Red - (Holly Chivers, Kaitlyn Horan)

D2 1-1 v NSU (Shannon Scown)

D3 0-1 v ECB White

Shots from P2 Women, P3 Men and Women, D1 Men Yellow and Tiger Turf, D1 Women, D2 Men Maroon and Yellow and D2 Women


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