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D2 Women top table after win against HDF

Updated: May 8, 2021


Prems: Win 4-1 v University (Isaac Houlbrooke, Nick White, Netesh Sukha, Matty Peel)

Prem 2: Win 2-1 v NSU (Venom, Taine Kearney)

Prem 3: Loss 0-3 v ECB

Div 1 Yellow: Draw 1-1 Takapuna Green (Sharky)

Div 1 Black: Draw 3-3 v HDF (Tristan Hutchinson, Luke Swanson, Mark Taylor)

Div 2 Yellow: Win 2-1 v Glenfield Old Boys (Dwayne Carroll, John Bonneywell)

Div 2 Maroon: Loss 2-5 v Takapuna Black (Finbar Hoyte, Ethan Lewis)

Div 2 Black: Draw 1-1 v Takapuna Green (William D'Souza)


Prem 3

PCD, Dylan Beattie lines up a shot

Div 2 Yellow

Ollie Dellabarca, Josh Duley, Danny Wrigley in action


Prems; Win 2-0 v Somerville (Tonya Botherway, Liv Crum)

Prem 2: Win 2-0 v ECB (Kathy Giles, Katie Pilot)

Prem 3: Loss 0-3 v Takapuna

Div 1: Loss 0-6 v Takapuna Black

Div 2: Win 3-0 v HDF Maroon (Angela Chivers, Laura Arthur, Shannon Scown)

Div 3 Yellow: Loss 0-1 v Northcote / Glenfield

Div 3 Black: Draw 1-1 v NSU Purple


Div 3 Yellow 1-0 v Div 3 Black (Kayla Mortimer)


Prem 2

Prem 3

Prem 2 and Prem 3 women in action

Div 2

Div 3 Yellow

Both women's divisional teams showing great team spirit


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