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Come and support ABC on Finals Day - 17th October

Things you need to know

Managers please return trophies and uniforms to the ABC tent

Club house open from 8.30am. DJ (not ours) from 7pm with last call at 11pm

ABC will have a tent on the village green area.

There will be "beers on the lawn" from midday with a drinks truck and seating

BYO is not allowed as this breaks NHHA's liquor license policy.

BBQs are not allowed on the lawn, but are allowed on the concreted areas

Time of games

9am - Division 3 Women v Midway - Harbour 5

12.10pm - Division 1 Women v Takapuna Black - Harbour 5 GRAND FINAL

1.45pm - Division 2 Men ABC Yellow v ABC Maroon - Harbour 5

2.00pm - Premier 3 Women v ECB - Harbour 2 GRAND FINAL

4.55pm - Prem Women v HDF - Harbour 1 GRAND FINAL


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