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A lifelong love of hockey passed on to two sons

Noel, Ronell and Nohan Hensman

The family moved to New Zealand in 2004. Noel made contact with ABC, the club listed at the top of the club list on the Harbour website and after an email exchange with (life member) Wayne Highet showed up for a game in July / August not realising they no longer played with a leather ball!!   He has also played Masters hockey for Harbour in different age categories. In 2009-10, Noel took up the role as a Treasurer, a role he continues to do today despite working in Wellington!  

Ronell first played hockey for Torbay Primary in 2004 and then started playing for Long Bay College and joined the club as a teenager. After University, he took a break as the weekend games did not suit his work and other commitments but returned to playing casually at first and now again full time, and is Vice Captain of D2 Maroon.

Nohan started playing hockey aged five and started playing at the club with youth hockey when he was in Intermediate and started playing senior hockey as soon as he was eligible and has been moving up the grades steadily and represented North Harbour. Today he is on the fringe of making a place for himself in the premier team. Nohan has coached at Westlake, where he was formerly a pupil, and more recently at different junior Harbour academies.

The Hensmans today from left to right: Ronell, Noel and Nohan

Top row - Noel and Ronell in action for Maroon against Takapuna.

Middle row - Noel leading from the front in HEART and Nohan starting his hockey journey

Bottom row - Nohan playing youth with DJ in 2012 and representing North Harbour against Waikato


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