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2024 Season


Keri Dempster


2023 Season Round Up

Briar McLeod

A fantastic and talented side to be a part of. This year the P3 Women kept a bit of the old but welcomed a bit of the new also. Majority of the team made up of a solid base from 2022, but great to welcome some new members. Suz and Amelia were promoted from our D1 side, adding incredible athleticism to the team. Mitchell Locke slotting in, bringing her knowledge and commitment. Hollie Yukich re-joining us after some time off, adding adaptability and infection humour. Lastly, colourful Charli became a bee this year and brought outstanding tenacity.

Knowledge, leadership, youth, athleticism and trust made us dangerous side.

A solid defense, connected midfield and speedy strike line. However what hockey season is complete without a bit of inconsistency. At times playing to the opposition’s standards, there were a couple of battles we should have had 4 points in the bag, but hey no team is perfect. Building on all games, we end the championship in 2nd place behind Takapuna and faced them in a tough Grand Final.

3 years, 3 Finals – Not Luck!

Big thanks to Keri Dempster this year coach us this year. We can’t thank you enough for the work you have done this year. You believed and trusted us and although not coming away with the win on finals day it has still been an enjoyable season.
Thank you Callum Dempster for guiding us through the last 4 weeks of the season. You have been patient and constructive with us and we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have.

12 Wins | 1 Draw | 5 Losses | 34 Goals For | 12 Goals Against | Championship: 2nd  | Grand Final: 2nd

The Team

Briar McLeod (Captain), Kathy Giles, Elysha Sukhdev, Emma Hutchinson, Hannah Adolph, Nadia Clews, Hannah Patterson (Manager), Hollie Yukich, Karen Taylor (GK), Kassidy  Allott, Charli Furness, Kirsty Armstrong, Megan Gibbs, Michelle Locke, Suzanne Clarke, Tania McLean, Amelia Swarbrick,

Keri Dempster (Coach)

Thank you all for a fantastic season!

Hannah Patterson 

2022 Season Round Up

Played 16

Won      9

Drew     3

Lost       4

Points   46

Standing             3rd in Championship

                             2nd in Grand Final

A fantastic team to be involved with this year, great culture and a range of excellent performances tempered with a bit of inconsistency. A change of 5 players from the previous year, our two new young up and coming players Freya Kearney and Nadja McGoon had a great season growing as the year progressed in their toughness and skill set. Most pleasing with these two players was their reaction to requests that improved theirs and the team’s performance.

Hannah Baker joined us from “the Naki” and was a great addition to the side with her speed and ball carrying skills, Kassidy Allot a welcome return to the club and Kathy Giles joined us the P3 grade greatly improving our on-field coaching and experience in up front outcomes.

Returning 2022 players were the glue and the basis of the team culture. There were a few changes throughout the year, with Sim returning to Australia and injuries to Hannah A and Elysha that put them out for quite a few weeks. Our defense was pretty solid all year 19 goals scored against and 32 for.


Our inconsistent performances saw us rise to the challenge and play to our potential when playing top 4 teams, but when playing lesser teams, we failed to motivate ourselves and hammer home our abilities therefore leaking points that were there for the taking. We did do enough however to put ourselves in the position of being masters of our own destiny and made top 4 dominating ECB in the semifinal.

The Grand Final result wasn’t how we would have written the script, perhaps playing our final the week before. The 2-1 result was probably fair on the day – we created enough opportunities but finishing eluded us. The ABC support was fantastic.


There is a lot to look forward to with this group next year ……


A big shout out to Hannah (Patto) Patterson who, as well as being a real asset on the field managed all our needs off it. Also to those D1 players who really helped us along the way. Erin Beattie in particular who played around 6 games for us.


2020 Season Round Up


This team report is brought to you by the letters A, B & C! 


Adaptable & amusing | Belief & bravery | Confident & committed


Well that was one crazy season!


The chameleons we were!  We tended to adopt the standard of the opposition at times which was great when we played a better team.  Not so when we dropped our standards, despite bonus point winning games!


We have been allowed to make mistakes and have fun.  Defense playing out of position as strikers and strikers defending...fancy that!  Elysha Sukhdev scoring her first ever goals, yes that is right she scored two!!!

We progressed throughout the season growing in confidence and belief in our ability as a team.  We developed our own brand of hockey with bravery, timing, style, mongrel, respect, angry and top skills.  Mistakes too with the energy and ownership needed to fix them. We have demonstrated that we are an 70 minute team. Some stunning execution from our strikers, distribution from the midfield, solid defence and a superstar GK. 


We managed to upset the grade. In the end we earned our place and we left our best out there and it was superb.  Grand Final Winners!!! It was one humdinger of a final…we kept you all guessing! 

Words to sum up this team group are energetic, committed, fun, execution and a united front.  Thank you to our coaches and amazing support crew.  We have had a fabulous season. 


#ABC #hockeyistherealwinner #ABCsiSTARhood

Hannah Patterson - Manager & Briar McLeod - Captain

2019 Season Round Up

This was a fairly new team in a new grade, and we were pleasantly surprised (shocked!) by the fitness required and quality of hockey.

Saturdays were for the gals and we loved having our Sundays free from hockey (except when the P2 women asked for 4-5 players every week for a good solid month or two haha).

Our season started with a few disappointing close losses, draws that should have been win's and a few heated ‘discussions’ from Keri. Goal scoring seemed to be our number one work on, and Keri decided out with the old and in with the new, changing up the structure of our team.

This was the best decision and a real turning point in our season. We managed to confuse the opposition (and ourselves at times) and start to make some real links through the midfield and up to the strikers. One goal scoring practice session with Jimmy and suddenly the wins started to flow.

Although we didn’t make top 4, when it came to the business end of the season, we scored goals where it counted and managed to get into the semi-final after a nail-biting shootout win. Unfortunately, we lost our semi on another nail-biting shootout, but we were all so happy with such a positive second half to the season.


Although we never had a full game of excellence, we did have many amazing moments. Thanks so much to Keri for never giving up on us and always providing us with things to work on! Don’t worry we will never forget ‘that’ drill.

Thanks to Colin for stepping in the second half of the season and providing invaluable tips and tricks. Vicki was manager extraordinaire and always had whatever we needed, we appreciate you! We are all looking forward to next season at the new North Harbour Hockey complex!

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