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Youth Grade Programme Supported by Kaipatiki Local Board

We have recently been successful in applying to the Kaipatiki Local Board for support for our Youth Programme this summer. The programme aims to foster younger players into the club environment with an emphasis on enjoyment, structure and learning, rather than an elite competition. The Auckland Council's broad aim of promoting continuing involvement in sport for everyone aligns perfectly with our programme, and we have received their total support this year.

With 8 ABC teams expected to take part in this year's competition, the $2,000 grant represents a 15% discount for each youth player, ensuring that our great sport is available to more people. We are also very appreciative of the hundreds of hours invested in this programme by a number of our members every year.

The proof of the success of this programme over the years is the number of "graduates" who have moved into, and continue to play senior club hockey with us, both mens and womens. This is at all levels from Premier 1 through to Division 3, emphasising the inclusive and family friendly nature of the programme.

We'd like to thank the Kaipatiki Local Board for their generous support!


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