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Winter Season Club Trials will take place over two weekends in February and March

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Our Online Registration Form is now open for the winter season via the link below. Please register even if you can't attend trials.

Our Club video showcases both ABC Hockey's values and successes, and we look forward to welcoming all returning and new members this season.

The winter club season starts on the 19th March and we are planning to enter 16 club teams this season; providing opportunity for everyone from entry level to Black Sticks. Trials will be held on Sunday 13th February and Saturday 5th March at the times shown below for each grade.

As most of you are probably aware the National Hockey Centre is a Vaccination Required Site. In order to play for ABC Hockey in 2022 you will need a valid vaccine pass covering the entire season.

Trials will be completed under the Red Level of the Traffic Light System, so in order to comply with the maximum of 100 people ruling there will be some restrictions in place including:

  1. No spectators are allowed at the turf, only those trialling should enter the stadium.

  2. The changing rooms will NOT be open or available for use, so please arrive on time and ready to go.

  3. You MUST show your Vaccine Pass AND scan in using the COVID Tracing App on the correct turf. A 'QR' Code will be shown at each turf or gate.

  4. You cannot stay to watch other trials, or wander around the stadium, before or after your trial has taken place.

  5. Please bring your own WHITE and DARK Shirt, as we may not be able to use the bibs.

  6. Please wear a mask when you are not on the turf playing and use hand sanitiser, on arrival and departure, and minimise unnecessary contact where possible.

  7. The toilets will be open but social distancing must be observed at all times, so there may be queues.

For further information relating to COVID-19 please head to the COVID-19 Tab on the NHHA website:

Please click here to register for trials.

Stay safe everyone.

Sunday 13th February

P1 & P2 Women 2:30pm - 4pm Tiger Turf 2

P3 & D1 Women 11:30am - 1pm Cello 1

D2 & D3 Women 1pm - 2.30pm Cello 1

P1 & P2 Men 10am - 11:30am Cello 1

P3 & D1 Men 1pm - 2.30pm Tiger Turf 2

D2 Men 9:30am - 11am Tiger Turf 2

Saturday 5th March

P1 & P2 Women 12:30pm - 2pm Tiger Turf 2

P3 & D1 Women 1pm - 2:30pm Harbour 4

D2 & D3 Women 2:30pm - 4pm Harbour 4

P1 & P2 Men 2:30pm - 4pm Tiger Turf 2

P3 & D1 Men 11am - 12.30pm Tiger Turf 2

D2 Men 4pm - 5:30pm Tiger Turf 2


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