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The Three Goalkeeping Amigos!

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Some think it’s crazy being in goal... Well with three or four in the Holt household, what does it say about them!? One thing is for sure – what’s a group of goalies called? An AROMA of goalies?! It’s one good thing about this current lockdown, the gear has been given a much-needed deep cleanse – thank goodness for the bathtub!

Andrew, Benjamin and Dominic Holt

Parents Robyn and Andrew Holt both played hockey back at school when it was grass, sprigs, muddy puddles, 'short' corners and offsides and when the ref could keep up with the ball.

Some years later, when their oldest son Benjamin came home from school wanting to play hockey (after an inspiring visit by the Black Sticks), they returned to hockey. Initially getting him to his practice, then assisting and eventually coaching the primary teams.

Benjamin started in goal at intermediate school and over the last eight years, Harley Kopa and Damon Penver (ABC GK and coach with North Harbour Hockey) have been helping to develop his goalkeeping skills. Dominic (the middle son) and Andrew have both now 'donned the pads', with youngest son, Matthew, currently at Primary School playing as a 'sweeper', threatening to join them in the goal as well!

Dominic is the Takapuna Grammar School 1st XI goalie, succeeding his brother, and both are now essential members of their respective D2 teams. They are useful outfield players too, and with Andrew happy to pad up for a game or two, his sons have the chance to leave the circle and stretch their legs with a well-deserved outfield runaround.

None of this would have happened if it wasn't for Robyn. If it wasn't for a nasty ankle injury a few years ago, she would still be out there in the women's teams. However, she now makes up for it as the head coach and hockey manager for Belmont Primary and North Harbour's Fun Sticks co-ordinator for Devonport Peninsula.



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