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The future is in good hands

ABC's player pathway is deliberately focused on giving younger players the opportunity to develop. This has been reflected in a very strong representation in both the boys and girls under 18 squads announced this week.

Girls' Premier Team

Carla Barnard, Holly Chivers, Izzy Gaze, Cece Jenkins, Miriam Scott, Georgie Shotter, Bree Speck, Charlie Wills

Prem 2 NTR

Kassidy Allott

Madi Wright (ABC Prem 2 Manager) said "It's so exciting to see our young players develop and get the opportunity to play for Harbour. They are all brilliant young women with fantastic hockey ability and make for amazing team mates. As a team we can't wait to see how they perform at this level and hope at a club level to support their endeavours."

Boys' Premier Team

Taine Kearney, Toby Lewis, Coby Moratti, Ryan Parr, Eeshan Patel, Milan Patel, Archie Postles, Nick Sparg

Prem 2

Ryan Berry, Henry Blanchard, Xavier Bradshaw

David Kay (ABC Prem 2 Manager) said "ABC has a track record of continuing to develop young players through the club and to see their selection for regional teams is fantastic and a testament to the development pathways that ABC has to offer. We are very proud of our young players and are looking forward to watching their continued progress at the North Harbour level and across our ABC teams."


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