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Spotlight on Prem 3 Women

Our team has a lot of new members this year including Elysha, Dine, Izzi, Kate, Briar (who played New Zealand Masters) and Hannah! Overall though most of our team has been with ABC for years! The camaraderie and friendships created throughout the season really reflect the core ABC values. Emma was new last year and began the season very quiet, it wasn’t long before she was the loudest in the team, until Briar joined us this year and she has pipes.

The ABC P3 women are involved heavily ensuring the smooth running of the Club:

On the field with Hannah, Madi and Elysha often playing up for P2, and off the field too!

  • Our coach Keri is a Life Member and ABC’s Women’s Club Captain

  • Hannah manages P2 and P3 and is on the social committee

  • Madi coaches the Div 1 Women’s team and her partner plays in Prem Men’s so she’s at Harbour all weekend

  • Kirsty umpires Premier Women

  • Alice is on the social committee.

Our coaches are extremely committed to our team, Keri has been coaching this team for some time now, every season is meant to be her last until we improve, and she just has to stay! Keri can always be counted to put the boot in when we need it, which is quite often!

Colin is new to ABC but certainly not new to hockey: never have we seen a more dedicated coach. His commitment to learning, planning and strategising is amazing!

Together they are an awesome combination.

The team reflects different walks of life from school students, (the youngest being Year 11), and university students, to a nurse and transport engineer.

Our P3 team is a great place to be, no strangers to going out for team lunches we all love a good time. The majority of the team are under 25 and are at the fittest points in their hockey careers. Ireland is quick as lighting, aptly nicknamed Wheels! With a few more experienced players we have a massive amount of knowledge within the team. 5 of 16 have represented Harbour at some stage.



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