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Spotlight on P3 Men

A young and rapidly developing team!

This year's Prem 3 Men is generally a young team comprising players in their final years of school, or recent school leavers, with three significant veterans: Garry Bishop, Pierre Jones (goalkeeper) and new joiner to the club Luke Kearney. All provide an essential mentoring role to the younger players.

The rest of the squad are a talented pool of developing players. Most are under 20 and collectively the youngest group in the Harbour Premier 3 league, reflecting ABC's ongoing commitment to supporting and growing our club's entry-level premier player group. Almost all have come through the ABC Youth grade programme, and many have played Rep hockey through their time at school.

Over the course of the first round, while our results have been mixed, we have made clear improvements in every aspect of the game and given our relative youth and inexperience compared to the other teams, we have significantly more potential to grow. Developing the patience to retain possession for longer periods and the ability to maintain focus and intensity for the full 70 mins is our biggest things to work on... OK, we could probably do with working out how to finish our PCs as well!

Given the pandemic, at the start of the year GB said success this season would be just getting onto the field and enjoying some hockey, I am sure everyone has their fingers crossed that we will be able to get back to doing that ... along with a bit more development.


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