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Probably the last season these two will be in the same team!

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Angela and Holly Chivers

The Chivers family moved to New Zealand in 2015 from sunny South Africa. Three members of the Chivers household had been actively playing hockey in South Africa, so it was only natural for their hockey journey to continue in their new home.

Angela joined ABC Hockey after a recommendation from her neighbour, whose son played for the club. She has played in our D1 team for the past five years and has really enjoyed helping the juniors grow and move up the hockey ladder. She is also her team’s manager and is on the committee of the club.

Holly started playing hockey in South Africa at the age of 5 at Kearsney Hockey Club. At Long Bay Primary School in New Zealand (year 5 & 6) there were not enough children interested in playing primary school hockey, so Holly joined the Marlborough School hockey team and played with Henry Croft, Karen’s son, as they too did not have enough players. And so, the link with ABC continued.

Holly then moved onto Northcross Intermediate where she played in the 1st team in both year 7 & 8. In year 8 she made the North Harbour U13A Collier team who had their tournament at North Harbour.

In year 9 she played in the Westlake Girls 2nd XI team and made the North Harbour U15B team. This year Holly was selected for the Westlake Girls 1st XI team and was extremely chuffed to be the only year 10 to be selected. Westlake Girls 1st XI have just won the Secondary Schools tournament for the 3rd year in a row!

Angela and Holly both play in the D1 ladies’ team and have done so for the past 2 years. Angela is enjoying this season as she is convinced it will be the last time she and Holly play together as Holly is fast moving up the grades within the club, playing a few games for the P3 side as well.



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