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Pre pre-season hit out

Honours to ABC Black in the battle of the Divisions

The cohort of 2020

The three ABC Division 2 teams and a composite Division 1 team mainly ABC Black had a mini tournament on 13 March with three 25 minute games.

The Division 1 team won all three games, but bragging rights went to Black who beat Maroon 1-0 and drew with Yellow 1-1. Meanwhile Maroon beat Yellow 2-1. ABC has tried to balance the teams and pick three roughly even teams which was reflected in the scoreline.

The Black team mainly comprises players of Masters Age who play Summer and Winter together. Maroon was created last year and is accumulating a group of young men who also play 8-a-side in the summer. Yellow has a combination of older players and youngsters coming through the youth programme.

Then off to Columbus Cafe run by our own Danny Wrigley for lunch.

This year we welcomed the following new or returning players to Division 2: Geoff Dean, Matthew Thomson, George Diedericks (all Black); JP Badenhorst, Alex Blair, Renier Latigan, Ethan and Felix Munro-Scown (all Maroon); and Dave Christianson, Liam Currie, Oliver Dellabarca, Callum Easterbrook, Rhys Johns Jon Sim, Brook Thomas and James West (all Yellow). Wishing you all a successful season


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