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Mid-season update

ABC teams looking strong as we enter the second half of the season.

A mid season update on how our teams are progressing including some interclub rivalry.

On the Women's side the P1 Women are playing some amazing hockey and are currently in 3rd on the table so get along and support them next time they play at home. You won't be disappointed in the quality of hockey you see. P3 Women and & D3 Women Yellow are both in 2nd place on the table and are having strong seasons whilst P2 Women & D2 Women are currently holding onto that crucial 4th place spot. D1 Women are not too far away from making the top four either currently 5th. D3 Women Maroon & D3 Women Black are battling it out currently 6th and 7th but have been playing great hockey and improving each week as we reach the middle of the season so looking to secure some more wins in the second round and move up the table.

The Men's teams are also providing some exciting hockey with quite a few grades being very close meaning every game counts. The D1 Men's grade in particular has our D1 Men Black team in 1st with 32 points and D1 Men Yellow in 3rd with 30 points but with a game in hand. Converting at least some of those six first round draws into wins will be high on the priority list for D1 Black if they are to stay ahead. Our P3 Men are having a strong season currently 2nd by 1 point so they will be looking to knock Takapuna off that top perch in the next few games. Our P1 Men were 9th in round 1 and are looking to cause some upsets as they move into pools for Round 2. The P2 Men are having a tough season but are looking to turn that around in the second half of the season, they are currently 5th. The D2 Men's grade is providing some exciting matches for our teams with results being fairly unpredictable. Our D2 Men Yellow are in 2nd with D2 Men Black in 6th and D2 Men Maroon in 12th.

Good luck for the second half of the season to everyone!


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