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Mid-season Reminders

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Now that we are almost to the middle of the winter season a few reminders for all...


  • You must always wear shinpads and mouthguards when playing and training.

  • Masks are provided by the club to wear on PC's and it's great to see so many players using them...keep it up!

  • 50% of fees should have been paid by 31st May unless you have an arranged payment plan. Email if you are one of the players who still hasn't paid any fees otherwise the $50 late fee will be added this week.

  • The new uniforms look great, especially with ABC shorts/skorts/socks. Please make sure you are wearing the official ABC shorts/skort. Go Hockey has them in stock in their Albany store. It's ok to keep wearing the plain yellow socks for now but official ABC socks will also be required for the 2022 season.

  • Carpark D will reopen this weekend so please do NOT park on yellow lines or on the grass.

  • Please read and share the dugout etiquette poster above with your supporters.


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