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History remains after logo survey

The results of the logo survey are in and it seems that we are a club divided on the formal club logo but united in wanting to see the development of the bee logo for use on our training and pre/post match gear.

Before putting out the survey the committee agreed that there would need to be at least 55% of respondents in favour of a new logo for change to happen. We received 86 responses with 45 in favour of the new logo and 41 wanting to stay with the existing so with only four votes in it the decision has been made to remain with our existing club logo.

The second part of the survey was a different story with 78% of respondents keen to see a bee design developed for use on training and pre/post match gear. Common comments regarding the bee logo were:

"a friendly bee" "not too aggressive looking" "like the bee with hockey stick idea"

We will soon be looking for club members to form a small group to develop this concept so if you feel passionate about it please email Karen at and we will get everyone together to start working on it ready for next season.


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