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2022/23 Summer Masters & Presidents

Just as the winter hockey season draws to a close, we start to wish for warmer weather and hockey where you're not chasing kids half your age....

The good news is that for women born pre-1993 or men born pre-1988 you can join this elite group of experienced hockey players on Wednesday or Friday nights during Summer.

Wednesday night Masters is for everyone over 34 years old as at 31 December 2022. Both the Men's and Women's competitions will run A & B grades. The A grade is generally for players playing winter D1 grade and above and the B grade for the lower winter grades or older 50+ players. We are still waiting confirmation of exact competition dates and cost but it will likely run from Wednesday 19th October to Wednesday 14th December, followed by a Christmas break, then running from Wednesday 18th January to Wednesday 15th February 2023, more information will be provided once received. (Estimated cost $170)

Friday night Presidents is for women over 35 years old as at 31 December 2022 with a dispensation to allow up to three players aged between 30-35 years old as long as they are D3 grade or new or returning to hockey players and agree to play to the spirit of social Presidents grade hockey. The competition will likely run from Friday 21st October to Friday 16th December 2022, then Friday 20th January to Friday 17th February 2022 (estimated cost $140).

To register for Masters and/or Presidents please click the link below. (If you want to play both please complete form twice selecting Masters grade A or B and then Presidents as your preferred grade...)


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