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Congrats to the three winners of our new ABC Hockey Partners Awards 2021

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

The ICT Cup, MDL Civil Trophy and the Colin Gibbs Solutions Trophy

This year's prize-giving is virtual and we will be announcing the club prizes over the course of the next couple of weeks with the team prizes to follow later.

Stacey Baker, Division 2 Women, is this season's ICT Cup winner for our goalkeepers.

Stacey said: "Thank you for the award. I have played for ABC for around 13 years now. I was an on-pitch player until I sustained a nasty injury with a broken jaw. I figured that I was safer playing with a helmet on so I started playing in goal and haven’t looked back. My Div 2 ladies are just awesome to play with. What a team! And we had so much fun too. I can’t take all the credit for the award because I had the most amazing defence team. I’d really like to thank and acknowledge all of the coaches who contributed to our amazing team. Alice Cheesman, Hannah Patterson, Ollie Peterson and special mention to Nicolette Rugg for the awesome goal training she gave me and the encouragement from the sideline."

Massive thanks to our Principal Partner ICT for sponsoring the 'Golden Pads' award for the 2021 season.

This was hotly contested with the lead changing hands several times during the season.

The winner of The MDL Civil Trophy was Shannon Fraser with 16 goals for Division 3 Yellow, followed by Tonya Botherway with 13 goals for Premier Women, and Keeley Stoehr and Angela Chivers each with 9 goals for Premier 3 and Division 1 respectively.

Shannon is a recent returnee to hockey having played at school and joined ABC after having her young kids. She is well known for her technique of a one-armed high-pitched screaming sprint down the right wing to get a goal. She is quite vocal on the pitch so the umpires also know her pretty well. She enjoys playing as a striker and loves the team atmosphere of the game.

Huge thanks to MDL Civil for sponsoring the Women's 'Golden Stick' award for the 2021 season.

Hayden Foy was the clear winner of The Colin Gibbs Solutions Trophy with 19 goals for the Men's Premier 3 team. Equal second were Netesh Sukha and Ronell Hensman with 11 goals for the Prems and Division 2 Maroon respectively. A special shout to Ethan Lewis with 14 goals altogether (10 for D2 Maroon and 4 for Yellow).

Hayden said: "It is an honour to receive this award and I would like to say a few thank yous.

Firstly, I would like to thank the lads that make up our P3 team, GB our coach and our faithful weekly supporters for a great season. I can truthfully say, the lads I played alongside made this award possible for me. At the end of game the scorecard will tell you who scored but it won’t tell you the hard defence and smart hockey that led up to it. Lads we may not have come out top in the end, but we sure showed everyone what ABC is capable of.

Secondly, I would like to thank the sponsors, club and NHHA for organising a great season. Covid may have ended the season short however I am thankful for the time we had to play the sport we love.

Unfortunately our prize-giving can’t be in person and I hope everyone has been well and safe. I miss wearing the yellow and black and look forward to seeing everyone next season!"

Prem 3 coach and club President Garry Bishop said: "Hayden was scoring so many goals, I started subbing him off to give the rest of the club time to catch up!”

Many thanks to Colin Gibbs Solutions for sponsoring the Men's 'Golden Stick' Award for the 2021 season.


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