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Brothers in arms - the Iversens

Herewini, Kiharoa and Taimana Iversen

Rugby has the Whitelocks and the Barretts. League, the Burgess brothers and who can forget Donald Duck’s nephews the most famous brothers of all Huey, Dewey and Louie. In similar fashion ABC are lucky enough to have, perhaps not world famous, but definitely famous in their own whare, the Iversen brothers,

Their connection to ABC began at Greenhithe Primary under ABC and North Harbour super coach, Erin Weber. Moving on to Rosmini College the ABC connections continued with coaches Mark Dempster and then former ABC player, Paul Fordham. The Iversens began their club hockey for ABC at youth grade, climbing through the ranks of ABC and rep hockey to become valued members of the Prem team each with over 50 ABC caps. Last year all three played for North Harbour A, with mum Tracey, managing the team. They were selected for NZ Māori Under 21 and Senior Men’s teams. As well as playing, all three have given back to hockey coaching Greenhithe and Rosmini teams.

But they are individuals too: Away from hockey Herewini is studying a post graduate Doctorate of Clinical Psychology: he is currently involved in a world-wide study looking at dementia in indigenous populations. Kiharoa is in his final year of a Bachelor of Arts in Education and History and is looking to being a Masters of Education, focusing on Māori and Pasifika Education in 2021. Taimana is in his final year of a Bachelor of Arts in Māori and History and is looking to begin a Master of Indigenous Studies in 2021.


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