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Another example of ABC's commitment to youth development

North Harbour is running a development programme for it's Under 13 and Under 16 players over a ten-week period followed by a two day festival in October planned with teams from other regions.

ABC has provided almost half of the coaches for this programme with Premier Men's captain Netesh Sukha acting as Coach Developer, and Will Lacey as Head Coach for one year group.

Altogether 12 ABC players are coaching.

Other coaches range in age from 16 to 50+ and include Casey Crowley, Hamish Kendall, Holly Pearson, Jarryd Russell, Matt Peel, Mischa Tatley, Nick White, Nohan Hensman, Olly Chambers and Tobin Blathwayt.

Not only is this a great opportunity for ABC to support North Harbour, but it is also a great opportunity for our coaches to learn from some of the top coaches in North Harbour as they progress along the Coaching Pathway.


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