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ABC the winner in derby matches

With six teams in the Men's Division 1 and 2, derby matches added a little extra spice to the weekend. This weekend saw the newly formed Lads and Dads team play against Black in Division 2 and Yellow and Black renew their rivalry in Division 1.

Lads and Dads (in Yellow) v Black

D1 Yellow (in yellow) v Black

Men's results

Prem 5-1 v Takapuna (Ryan Parr, Callum Dempster, Peter Morris (2), Milan Patel)

Prem 2 1-5 v HDF (Matt Cornwall)

Prem 3 2-2 v NSU Blue (Reece Gilden, Hayden Foy)

Division 1 Yellow 3-1 v ABC Black (Bayden Ah Sam (2), Oscar Worrall)

Division 1 Black 1-3 v ABC Yellow (John Bonneywell)

Division 2 Yellow 3-2 v NHI Tigers (Graham Wessels (2), Neeson Naidoo)

Division 2 Lads and Dads 6-1 v ABC Black (Josh Shiu (2), Caremn Hui (2), Leo Van Der Vegte, Craig Whitby)

Division 2 Black v ABC Lads and Dads 1-6 (Graham Wessels)

Division 2 Maroon v Takapuna Green 2-2 (Tobin Blathwayt, Shea Corrigan-McKay)

Women's results

Prem 3-2 v NSU (Kirsten Pearce (2), Tonya Botherway)

Prem 2 5-1 v HDF Maroon (Jessica Hardy (2), Miffy Scott (2), Nadja McGoon)

Prem 3 1-0 v NSU Red (Suzanne Clarke)

Division 1 1-2 v Warkworth (Rosie Bryce)

Division 2 Yellow 1-2 v Takapuna (Leana Van Heerden)

Division 2 Black 1-2 v Mahurangi

Division 3 Yellow - No game

Division 3 Black - No game



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