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ABC Hockey welcomes MDL Civil to our Business Supporters Whānau.

ABC Hockey is thrilled to announce that MDL Civil will be joining our new Business Supporters Whānau for the 2021 season.

MDL Civil was established in 2019 to match a growing demand for the delivery of quality property development and civil engineering projects.

Offering modern technology, smart industry thinking and traditional values of integrity and know-how, MDL Civil are ready today to build the foundations and infrastructure for tomorrow. Helping private and public sector clients across the nation, they find innovative solutions to meet any project scope, timeframe or budget.

ABC Hockey President Garry Bishop, said: “It’s fantastic to have MDL Civil on board supporting our Club. Without the generous assistance of our Business Partners we would not be able to buy the specialised and costly equipment needed to progress our Coaching & Player Development Initiatives. MDL Civil's investment will enable us to purchase several GoPro camera’s so we can video our games and analyse individual and team movements and outcomes. This will be a vital resource for the Club that will have a huge and positive impact on our ability to develop our coaches and players."

Natalie Bullent, HR Manager at MDL Civil, said “Having worked in the Sports Industry in the past, I understand how much fund raising needs to happen to keep us on the turfs as external funding is lacking in New Zealand. I am privileged to work for a company that kindly donates funds to clubs periodically and I thought what better place to put the money than into a sport that I am passionate about, and for a club that focuses on inclusivity and prides themselves on being the friendliest on the Shore."

If you would like to become an official Club Supporter and get a Business or Family/Individual website listing to show your support for ABC Hockey, please go to Club Supporters to find out more and make a donation.

ABC Hockey currently have four main Section Partners (Men’s, Women’s, Youth or Masters) packages available. To find out more about our brand reach and activation opportunities, please take a look at the Corporate Section on our website where you can also register for our downloadable Partners Pack. Alternatively, please contact Colin Gibbs on 021 530987 or drop him an eMail at


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