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BREAKING NEWS! The second Club Trials will take place on Saturday (20 Feb) as planned...

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

BUT with full Level 2 Restrictions:

Most importantly, please do not attend the trials if you are feeling unwell or sick. If you cannot make it, please let us know in advance.

In order to comply with the maximum of 100 people ruling, please follow these instructions at all times whilst at the Stadium:

  1. No spectators are allowed at the turf, only those trialling should enter the stadium.

  2. The changing rooms will NOT be open, or available for use, so please arrive on time and ready to go.

  3. Please wait in the car park/outside the relevant stadium entrance for your turf to clear fully before entering the stadium.

  4. You MUST scan in using the COVID Tracing App on the correct turf. 'QR' Codes will be shown at each turf or gate.

  5. You must only come to the turf you are trialling on (please see the Stadium Map and Schedule below).

  6. You cannot stay to watch other trials, or wander around the stadium, before or after your trial has taken place.

  7. Each session will finish 10 mins early so we can clear the turfs ahead of the next trial group.

  8. Please bring your own WHITE and DARK Shirt, as we can’t use the bibs.

  9. Please use the hand sanitisers provided at the turf, on arrival and departure, and minimise unnecessary contact where possible.

  10. The toilets will be open, but they are restricted to a maximum of 10 people in the waiting zone, and social distancing must be observed at all times.

For further information relating to COVID-19 please head to the COVID-19 Tab on the NHHA website:

Please note your entrance gate to the stadium.


If you haven't registered and are intending to play you do need to register.

Please click here to register for trials.

Stay safe everyone.

Saturday 20th February

P1 & P2 Women 9-10.30 Miller 3

P3 & D1 Women 10-11.30 Harbour 4

P1 & P2 Men 10.30 - 12 Miller 3

D2 & D3 Women 12-1.30 Miller 3

D2 Men 12-1.30 Harbour 4

P3 & D1 Men 2-3.30 Miller 3

(Trials will finish 10 mins early to clear the turfs for the next group to enter...)


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